How to Construct a Bamboo Arch?

Maybe you’re planning to have a wedding soon. You need to economize as much possible so that everything can fit into the budget. One way of doing this is by constructing a bamboo arch. Bamboo grasses are natural and come at an affordable price. They also are renewable and therefore, environmentally friendly.

Knowing that they will sprout out again after cutting a few, you have all the reasons to use these grass stems in constructing your wedding arch. However, not many know how to make a bamboo arch. As a result, in this article, we discuss how to build a bamboo arch through a DIY.

  1. Search around for four stems that are of 3-inches diameter. Cut the stems to a length of 8 ft tall. These are what we shall use as the standing polls for the arch. One of the eight feet will get stacked into the ground to ensure that the arbor doesn’t fall.
  2. Look around for 2-inch diameter stems and cut pieces of seven foot long. You shall use these for running across arch’s top.
  3. Cut all the unnecessary lengths using a blade or a power saw. Be careful that you don’t destroy the poles.
  4. At the top of the support poles, drill a hole of 4-inches, large enough to accommodate the 2-inch diameter poles
  5. From the top of the support poles, measure 6-inches downwards but vertically perpendicular to the first pole.
  6. Now fix the crosshatch poles into these holes. The crosshatch poles should remain parallel to each other. You can make more holes to allow more intersection of the bamboos to increase the security of the arch.
  7. Use glue to secure the attachment strong and inseparable. Decorate the arbor in an organized style and let it dry out. Make sure to use all the ways that can enhance the security of your arbor.
    These are the few steps that you can observe towards building a bamboo arch. Note that, to create a perfect arbor, it needs time. Therefore, consider starting early.

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